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Every Child Matters.

Angel's Center for Children with special needs is a non government organisation that was established to improve the quality of lives of children with special needs through promoting and protecting their rights. Angel's Center critical service is strengthening the capacity of families to cope with raising children with development challenges.

Angel's center has a strong desire to work closely with parents, because we believe families first accept and appreciate these children for society to change their perception.Families need to create a conducive environment for these children to grow, for example by bringing them to public places like churches, keeping them in hygenically clean environments and suporting them in their development stages like training them to use toilets, speech therapy and others.

The disabilities range from Down syndrome, celebral palsy, mental retardation, spinal bifida, hydrocephalus and communication disorders.

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Inspiration and Motivation to setting up Angel’s Center for Children with Special Needs.

In the academic year 2010-2011 Rosemary Nambooze from Uganda followed a one year Master’s program at the University of Antwerp. When she was studying in Antwerp she was also expecting and in December 2010 she gave birth to her son Abryl...

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