Education and lifelong learning

Early learning And Individualized Education plans

Inclusive Education in Schools

Workforce Development

Early learning and individualized education plans

  • Angel’s Centre provides early learning to children with special needs to equip them with basic literacy skills, interpersonal skills as well as speech and language. The children are divided into three developmental needs; down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy and are taught using the behavioural change curriculum. Children are also provided with assistive learning devices.
  • Using specified tools and activities, Angel’s Centre carries out monthly performance testing on each child to determine their improvement or not. Angel’s Centre conducts out weekly school attendance registrations for children to ascertain the retention level.
  • Angel’s Centre implements individualized home based education plans for the children with the support of their caregivers and family members. Monthly testing exercises of children’s performances in activities of daily living and class work are carried out and documented on each child’s file and organizational progress tracker database. Further more vulnerable children are provided with scholarships inform of fees or in kind contributions to be retained in school.
  • Angel’s Centre also carries out co-curricular activities where children participate in play activities, animal rearing and therapy gardens on a daily basis and swimming to further stimulate their growth and interpersonal relationships.


“When children play, they grow”

Inclusive Education

Angel’s Centre advocates for inclusive education to create school enabling structures for children with special needs for their enrollment and retention in school. Angel’s Centre also seeks to create awareness in communities on the need for inclusive education and addressing myths and misconceptions on disability. Angel’s Centre does this through community dialogues to address myths and misconceptions on intellectual disabilities, equipping teachers and caregivers with knowledge and skills in inclusive learning with a designated curriculum, developing and rolling out an inclusive curriculum as well as developing the infrastructure adaptation plan in play area. Angel’s Centre engages main stream schools to enable them adopt facilities for inclusive education. To date, Angel’s Centre has worked with five schools to enroll 15 children primary school.

Workforce Development

“Empowering young persons with disabilities with knowledge and skills for employment”

  • Angel’s Centre supports young adults with down syndrome to prepare them for the employment world. The participants are equipped with knowledge and skills in hospitality and office practices, interpersonal skills, Vocational skills, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). Angel’s Centre further holds engagement meetings employers for persons with Down syndrome on the importance of workforce development and providing internship, volunteer and employment spaces for them. Annual exposure visits are conducted in identified places of learning including work places.
  • Since inception of the program in 2019, over 50 young adults have gained knowledge and skills through this program. 6 of these have been enrolled in active employment. 9 have set up enterprises with the support of their caregivers and families. All the participants have improved their performance in the Activities of Daily Living.
  • Angel’s centre is raising funds towards establishing an inclusive centre of vocational learning for young people with intellectual disabilities. 
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